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Thank you for visiting. I am a soon to be licensed Architect, Consultant, Instructor, Artist, and Photographer.  In 2008 the economy lead me into some different paths. My primary career and passion is Architecture and the Construction Industry.  I have  completed hundreds of projects for many different clients in various industries from all over the country.  I have an Masters of Architecture with 3 years of supplemental Visual Arts training, and I am educated in 4 countries.  I have almost 10 years of AEC experience, 17 years of teaching and training experience in 4 different States.   I enjoy all aspects of Design.  I have been studying  Art and design my entire life.  My specialties lies in the tools of my Trade. I specialize  in Technology applications, but I am very skilled and capable designer. I love to apply my craft to many trades, professions, and entrepreneurs. I will take on any project that is new and challenging.


Feel free to browse around my site. When you are ready, you can use my contact form.  My photography work is available at