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I am an expert in my field of BIM and every Design field. I have instructed at some of the top 2D/3D learning institutions, and Architecture Schools. I am also a nationally recognized Instructor. I have instructed at 4 Autodesk training Centers, and have 18 years of teaching and training in every design field. I am an Autodesk Certified Instructor of Revit, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, and Maya. I am ArchiCAD certified BIM Manager, and a Certified Instructor of every Adobe Program. 

I prefer to work in an office, as part as a team, training and mentoring my own team. In the AEC industry, Architects and Engineers seem to have constant issues with keeping good employees long time, so I am usually called in to help clean up an issue or to finish a project. I have encountered 2 types of professionals in my career. The firm that adopts technology, and the firm that does not. The Second type pays me double for the same services. 

I am one of those out of the box thinkers. I love doing what I do, because every day is a new challenge, and I love solving complex design and technology issues. I love fighting through a complex issue and seeing it come to fruition.