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For 17 years I have been teaching Architects and Engineers how to efficiently use CAD, BIM, and other 3D Technologies to better serve modern workflows.  I have nearly 10 years of full time industry experience in the AEC field in 3 states.  I used to work for a consulting group in the biggest BIM city in the US, so I can offer consulting Services at a much smaller cost.  I offer consulting services where I can perform an analysis of your companies workflow, technology applications, IT infrastructure, and Project Management structures that better serve 21st Century BIM and Cad Applications. I am a certified instructor of multiple 2D/3D design platforms including  AEC and Media Arts.  I can train anyone to use the software and workflows, tailored to your offices standards. With my knowledge or every discipline, I am an expert at inter-office communication. All AEC companies will need to adhere to current standards sooner rather than later.  Most companies are reluctant to move forward in BIM due to the initial cost involved. When a firm bids on a job with BIM requirements, it can be a nightmare for the current 2D workflow, because a firm must train their staff and build BIM standards while trying to make a profit. I have established or fine-tuned dozens of offices in 6 states. I have directly worked with every trade in AEC, so I can provide strategies and implement training and direction for the method that works best for your company. I have worked on the largest BIM specific projects in the country, and know all levels or requirements. I can supply you with software vendor contacts, supply multiple methods of future training programs, and analyze your IT and equipment infrastructure. I am specifically trained by Autodesk to understand licensing, server technologies, and machine specifications to properly utilize any workflows.  

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