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I graduated in 2008 from Kansas. I moved directly to Denver, where I resided for nearly 8 years. I then moved to Portland, OR where I worked for a couple of good firms. I was brought to Sacramento, CA where I hope to stay.  I have placed mostly renders on this page, but I try to keep a list of projects on my project list page. I try to show substantial projects, but these days I work primarily in BIM management or Project coordination, so it is hard to show my own work these days. 


 I was trained on Recap by Autodesk in 2014. I use point clouds every chance I can get.  Point clouds can be placed in any Autodesk application. Their uses are endless. I used this technology everyday while working for Intel. We would send our scanner to the area being addressed, and do a scan. This technology can be used with a still camera, drones, and many types of scanners. Navisworks can export models as point cloud data, along with other applications.  You can import a point cloud into your Navisworks coordination model. As the scanner industry expands, this will be a very important key to coordination and accuracy of construction. The industry only uses this on huge projects, but are well worth their cost preventing clashing issues. I have also used Navisworks for many years to do basic collisions, and to have coordination meetings using Navisworks. It is a great program just to have meetings where you can quickly determine issues.  Another of my favorite applications is Autodesks’ new cloud based systems. Glue, Sticky, Field, and 360 are quickly becoming the Construction Administrators best friend.  I was recently touring my building site, using an iPad and bluebeam to explore the model on the ground. I took pictures for my team, made notes and located items all from one platform. My team could quickly see the info on their screens to make quick corrections as we were coordinating in the field.  I took a contract temporary contract job as BIM Coordinator in Sacramento, where I was consulting and training, while coordianating Electrical on design build hospital project. I also had my first exposure to OSHPD in California. 


I am also ArchiCad certified. I recently had a position as BIM Manger in an ArchiCad firm. Archicad is definitely and inferior project to Revit, but it is decent. They have a BIMx format that can be used like a dwf model in Autodesk 360. I cant share my BIMx model on wordpress, but this allows you use VR googles to walk through your model and you can download a BIMx viewer on and device or computer. It shows your 2d drawings and allows you to view the 3d Model. I worked on several projects at Mogavero, but as the BIM manager I didnt create much of my own images. 




Pueblo Municipal Justice Center was my first project from beginning to end. Located in Pueblo, CO, It is a civil center with Court Rooms, holding cells, county offices, and a police station. It was nothing special, but it was my first post graduate project.

Pueblo Municipal Center Website Image


One of my favorite Renders that I made was a Medical Office Building in Araphoe County, Colorado. It was designed by Dan O’Brian, but never built. It was a 3 story medical office building in South Denver. It was an excellent design, and I was quite please with the render. It was also my first render that took 64 hours to complete. All of these years later, I still remember the render time.




A fun project that I did was a rehab project for a retail strip in Midtown Denver. It was a 5 unit building that was built in 1910 and was in serious disrepair. The owner contacted me to design and illustrate a new look for the building. We decided to remove all of the existing various finishes, and restore the original brick.  

This allowed the client to install universal storefront and add new signage and lighting. I took an existing survey, and modeled the project with Revit. The finished quality is not quite not finished, but the client was happy with it. Today, the building is painted brick, but looks much better than it was.




A cool little project was a crepe shop in Longmont, Colorado. It is called the Brew. It is on the 1st floor of a Freemason Temple and a building on the historical register. I first had to create as-builds using the old school tape and measure method.. I then created the models. These images were appx 50% CD.