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Project List - There are many more not listed.



Single Family Wood Construction:

I helped design model, and Implement BIM standards for a small company. I modeled 5 homes in 5 days, and learned new strategies for BIM on residential. 

International Theme Park:

I helped design and construct very detailed and high design hotels for a Theme park in a foreign country. 

Multifamily Design - Structural Design:

Multiple projects in many states. I helped the Engineers build and visualize their projects for SD and CD. My colleagues cranked out 5 multi-family projects in 5 weeks. 

Parking Garages – Bay Area. Multiple projects, multiple locations. Design for Structural/Architectural Office. Good Concrete experience. 

Amusement Park – Pennsylvania

Project support on Massive Theme park with Architectural design and coordination with many Theme Park Consultants. 

Aquarium Project – St. Louis 

100 mil Aquarium for Union Station in STL. I was an integral part in managing the project in BIM, collaborating with Viz Teams and Unreal Game engine designers in house. I participated in a lot of the 3d modeling in Revit primarily, but also in 3ds Max for converting the 2D concept art, and building assets for our DD unreal game engine walkthrough. I worked with 30 people from every design field.


20mil Mansion – Incline Village, Lake Tahoe. This was a 40k sq ft. Mansion redesign and addition in a small residential firms Revit first run, I was the project manager, and used Revit from a laser scan model. I will post some descriptions when I make the page. 

Fairfield Hospital Design/Build - Managed Electrical contractors on BIM project and CA. Ran team of electrical designers and drafters for a horrible ran project that I consulted primarily on. 

Multiple - Multi-Family Residences in Sacramento:  As the BIM manager/Project Architect, I was primarily responsible for project management and Archicad model management. I taught archiCad training, and ran small projects. 

SacState Dormitory rehab. I basically speified some rehab areas for 2 huge dormitories. I helped with ADA upgrades and Code updates.

Faces Nightclub Sacramento - Occ permit and addition.  

I was left along to coordinate a wall being relocated, updating the occupancy permit, and helped the client to retrofit their bars for ADA.

Intel Campus BIM Coordination: I was in charge of 2 campus for Intel. I ran Rhonler Arcres, and Santa Clara Plants. I was responsible for coordination of 16 disciplines using my Revit Campus model. I also made sure all deliverables were finished by each trade. 

Google Data Center: The Dalles, OR. I was an overpaid cad user. I spent 15 min working everyday waiting to use a 5 min cad procedure. I learned nothing to develop my career 

Beaverton Audi and Porche: I was involved in the design on construction of the buildings. They were owned by the same people and the buildings were standard designs, being moved 2 blocks. 

Wilsonville Subaru: The largest Subaru in Oregon. I was involved with the design, visualization, and productions of the documents. 

Vancouver waterfront design:  I was involved with the site planning, rendering and visualizations. 

The Brew - Longmont, CO This is a lovely breakfast and high end coffee shop in Colorado. It was a tenant finish for an old building on the historical register. We had to do as builds, protect the old building, and created beautiful space on the main drag, for coffee and relaxation. 

Bomb Testing Facility - Denver, CO I had to do as builds for a mining bomb testing facility outside of Denver. They needed to have a record of the existing building and add to the old facility. 

Greenhouse for Pueblo, CO

Interesting Project. It was a nursery and a flower shop retail. 

Multifamily – Race St. Apartments - Dan O'Brien

Upper Scale Multifamily Development in South Suburban Denver. I worked on several aspects of the project. 

Gavin res - Tomcraft GC

I worked for a GC to help him design the house. The house is located in the Foot hills of Colorado near Evergreen. 

DIA firehouse, hotel, and train station. RNL Engineers, Denver, CO

I helped implement BIM for Structural and I also had years of the dealing with DIA airport. I learned how fire houses were constructed.


Rehab and re-design of 1910 retail strip. Denver, CO

I worked with a developer to analyze the 80 years of debris and stucco and paint. After measuring the building I gave him a great render and plan for a future rehab that would look nice in the neighborhood. 

Retail - Dan O'Brien

I worked on multiple Commercial tenant finish projects, a few single family types, and I was always his 3D genius making all the renderings. 

Medical Office Building  - Dan O'Brien

  Award winning Design Doctors building that was never built.

Multi Family North highland - Tejon Town homes. Dan O'Brien. 

High End Residential units that are award winning. 

Max Security Prison, Montana - Durrant Architects. 

A super max in Montana. This was my 3rd project, and the largest. It was a unique project type. 

Pueblo municipal court House - Durrant Architects. 

This was my first project in 2007. I designed court rooms and other bas spaces with concrete. 


DSP Arch Viz Demo Reel

Check out this great video

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From 1910 to 2010

I also have worked for Developers whom look to rehab their property.

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Award winning Render

This was an award winning Design by Dan O'Brien in Denver. This was my favorite Render.

Medical Offices can be unique, and a great place to visit your doctor. 

Commercial Rehab

Boring Strip Malls can be brought back to life.

Commercial Shopping Areas can be brought back to life. 

Race Street Apartments

This was a high end Multi-Family Unit located in South Denver.

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North Highlands Multi-Family, Denver, CO

This was an award winning multi-family project in Denver.

Visualization is a powerful tool to communicate with Clients. 

Advanced Revit Design

This is an intense Dynamic component model for an international client.

I am an expert at translating Clients dreams into actual building Designs