Training Services

I have been teaching AEC and Artists for nearly 2 decades. I have Instructed at 4 ATCs, Multiple for profit design schools, and at the University Level. I can offer top of the line training services for much cheaper, and you still get top of the line instruction. I have over 10 years industry experience in multiple countries and disciplines. 

BIM Consulting

I have been training, consulting, and implementing BIM for 12 years. I have worked in 8 states and 2 countries in BIM. I have held every position in the BIM field. I am a certified ArchiCad BIM manager, and Certified 12 year Revit Instructor. I have worked on the largest projects in the world, for several fortune 500 companies. I am an expert in every modern use of BIM and Project Coordination.  I can do Consulting for any time period or contractual basis for individuals or Companies. I can offer extremely competitive prices compared the the multiple corporate firms that I have worked for. 

Scanning, VR/AR, Coordination

I am trained in the current Workflows in Data scanning, VR/AR, cloud applications, Project Coordination, and Cloud Coordination like Glue. 

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I am currently working in the Bay, but looking for a better opportunity.